Built: 1852
Abandoned / Vacant: 2006
Location: US
Status: Owned but Vacant
Reason: Last Leaser went Bankrupt
Haunted: Yes

This property was explored with permission by the owner. Exploring this property without permission is extremely not recommended. Property is watched and patrolled by US Park Rangers. You been warned!

Here we are at this beautiful Italian Villa Style mansion, sitting vacant needing some love. Located in Pennsylvania, this historical mansion sits vacant since 2006. Built in 1852 by Mr. Kennedy, this mansion sat on a Knoll and overlooked a small town, once huge for limestone. The home was built using Italianate architecture. When Mr. Kennedy passed away, his wife took over the home which then she sold it to many owners after that. One of the owners in the early 1900s was one of the last remaining Civil War Veterans to be alive in the county. The house had some additions put on in the early 1900s and in the 1950s. Right after 1955, things started to change to the area and the town. It was decided that a highway was to be constructed and it was to be built right through this town. This construction did go through and this US Highway, completed in the 1960s, went right through the small town splitting up the mansion, church, and hotel. This highway is what you will see and hear when watching the video. A lot of structures in the town were also demolished to make way for this highway. In the late 1970s, the mansion was taken over by a US Govt. Park through eminent domain. The Parks plan was to try and find a tenant to turn it into a restaurant which they did a few years later. The building was fixed up and turned into a restaurant / inn. In the 2000s, the restaurant was having issues financially. Although food and reviews were excellent for this place, the problem was the loud highway that was placed right next to it. In 2005, the restaurant went bankrupt and everything was auctioned off in 2006. Since then, nobody has occupied the space. It sits vacant currently looking for another tenant to turn it back into a restaurant. Hopefully that will be sooner than later. Thanks for reading. Some information obtained from Wikipedia.org


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4 thoughts on “Vacant Italianate Mansion - Pennsylvania

  1. This is such a gorgeous building. It’s such a shame to see these buildings in such disrepair. I say this with all the houses, well really everything you have explored. (I love houses especially old ones) This house and the colonial house from New York are my favorites. The attention to detail and craftsmanship cannot be done now a days. I wish I could fix them all up to save a piece of history instead of building all these cookie cutters. Why can’t those houses be abandoned?

    I love what you do and gives me ways to explore places I would never adventure too!

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