Urban Decay - Abandoned - My Urbex Story


This video showcases why I do the hobby of Urban Exploration, Abandonment, and Urban Decay. These houses, cars, boats, buildings, trains, etc are often left due to many different factors. These structures are then left to decay and usually end up in front of the wreaking ball leaving no trace of history behind. That is why I photograph and film these beautiful and amazing structures, to document history before it is gone forever. This hobby is a huge passion to me and although some people might not see it, I go through huge hurdles to make sure these places are captured on my camera. If you are not one of the 40,000 people that are part of my story, it time to join it by subscribing to my channel. Every location you see in this video was filmed by me and can be found on my Channel.

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One thought on “Urban Decay - Abandoned - My Urbex Story

  1. It is a real shame that money has been donated to the tune of millions throught the years to quote”save the USS United States” and all that is done with the money is divided between the conservation group and minimum storage fees. This monumental ship deserves a graceful departure so people can remember what she used to be and what what she has become. A total wreck. There is not much more the conservation group can do to save her from being decommissioned. They are just living out of the donations now. All of the propellers, miles of copper and anything else they could sell, they did and nothing was done to preserve her with the proceeds. That is obvious as shown in the video.

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