Built: Early 1950s
Last Voyage: 1969
Location: US
Status: Privately owned
Reason: Airlines became more popular
Haunted: No

Welcome to this 5 part series on this magnificent ocean liner known as the SS United States. The sad and empty look of this once historical and well known ocean liner has been sitting in a state of decay for over 20 years. With its maiden voyage in 1952, it only lasted 17 years before airlines became the more popular way to travel overseas. However, Crystal Cruise lines might invest in this sad ocean liner and it might once sail again. Currently in Philadelphia, I walked the massive 990 foot long vessel, with permission, to give you a more in depth look of what the SS united States looks like inside. This is a 4 part series with a bonus 5th part coming out later. Hope you enjoy the series and a much closer look inside of the SS United States.

Part One:

Part Two:

Part Three:

Part Four:

Part Five:

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