Sleighton (Farm) School

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Published On September 1, 2013 » 18662 Views» By Abandoned Steve »
Built: 1910
Abandoned: 2001
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned but on the block to be Demolished
Reason: Financial Issues / Some Students claim abuse
Haunted: Yes, Washington Cottage

The Sleighton School located in Pennsylvania was established in 1826 in Philadelphia but this particler campus was not built till 1910. This campus is 300 acres and has many buildings including a chapel. It operated with the Glen Mills school but then seperated from it in 1931. It was then named “Sleighton School for Girls”. The school purpose was to house young children and teens under the age of 18 who commited a crime or act against the law. All students who attended this school were sentence here by court order. It stayed a all Girls School up till about 1975 when it became Coed. It was then renamed to “Sleighton School”. By the 80s, 55% of the schools attendance were Male. In 1998, the school made an annoucement that it was for sale and was going to close. In 2001 the school closed it doors and left everything behind. Students were sent to the nearby Glen Mills school The reason for this closure is unknown but rumor has it that it was financial issues. It is said the campus was bought for 11 million in Nov 2012 and rumor has it that it going to be demolished. Info from


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Hello, My name is Steve and I am an Urban Explorer. My main urbex is usually abandoned houses but I will also find myself checking out abandoned schools, hospitals, prisons, and other different type of structures. I started doing this crazy hobby of urbex since Feb 2013 and really enjoy exploring locations with deep history. Fell free to leave me a message if you have any questions.

22 Responses to Sleighton (Farm) School

  1. Tierra says:

    Hi Steve I have watched your flicks. I cannot believe how this school looks now! I was a student here back in 1999 six months. I wish I could tell my story. Watching your flicks brought back memories from the pool we use to be there when it was hot, the chapel I would go their for church at night and Campbell cottage use to be where I stayed at! Amazing history Steve I remember a lot about Sleighton Farms. I learned how to do tailoring there and there was a hair school. This school had a lot of trades for us back then. The food wasn’t so great! Its sad how they just left this school. I have nothing bad to say, but it changed my life to be a better person that I am today. Ever since I have left there in 1999, I have not been in any trouble.

    • Abandoned Steve says:

      Thanks for commenting. That is great you found the video. I have heard from quite a few past students and it been mixed reviews on the school

      • Tierra says:

        Hi Steve do you still tour there? Can people tour there? I would love to go back for a tour.

        • Abandoned Steve says:

          i have not been there in over a year. They do not offer tours here. They have started handing out bigger fines now after a fire on the property this past summer. Stupid vandals.

    • Joe Goodman says:

      I would love to hear your story. I was there from 91-92. Logan, and campbell cottage.

  2. Hey Steve, Can you please email me at [email protected] I need to ask you some questions!!! PLEASE! Thank you!

  3. Mary McGill says:

    I am now almost 89 years old but when I was a college student at U of Massachusetts I worked there the summers of 1944 and 1945. I taught sewing to the girls,. I loved it! I had good hours, great food and great staff to work with. I had every other weekend off and with a fellow staff member we hopped the train to Philadelphia for a day of sightseeing, shopping and fun. On one of my first weekends at Sleighton Farms we took some girls for a walk. Two staff members were in front and I was one of two in the back. A resident, said to me, ” Two years ago my brother died”. I said I was sorry and then asked what he died from. She replied, ‘He was electrocuted”. I was promptly told you never ask the girls personal questions. There was a ” plain girl” there, Mennonite, and she just loved it, sent there because she kept running away. She loved it! She had never had so much freedom.
    I have many fond memories of my summers there. It is sad to see current pictures of what was such a beautiful, peaceful and vital place.

    • barbara donnelly says:

      My question is to Mary Magill: when you spoke about the electrocution, were you meaning that occurred on the grounds of the school?

    • Patricia says:

      Hi Mary, My Mother was there in 1940 - and not sure when she got there or left. I was wondering if you know or if you can - tell me were I can get some records of my Mother’s stay there - I believe her sister Mary was there too………. You can answer me @ [email protected] I really need to know more about my family - My cousin’s son Harry Dexter was there - and I was told he got killed by a snow plow going down the road.. So there was my Mother , her sister, my two cousins. Thanks you !

      • Abandoned Steve says:

        Hello, I have no info on how to get records. I just explored the place and learned about the history as I looked the place up. Thanks for sharing you story and hopefully you can get some help on getting those records.

  4. Tricia Stouch says:

    Hi Steve,
    I’m looking for info on who owns the property/ contact. Looking to save the buildings. Thank you

    • Ethan says:

      These guys have some information on the property:

    • What brilliant hobby Steve! I have been looking for an old or historic house to buy for the last year or so. Situated as I am in Zimbabwe, it would be difficult for me to find out about these buildings. I’m referring to the abandoned school & church. Please let me know if there is an address I can write to, as these buildings are relalatively new & it wouldn’t take that much to renovate them & make use of them. For residential purposes & historical interest. They mustn’t be demolished, surely? Barbara Connelly

  5. Joe Goodman says:

    I was a student at this school from 1991-92. I stayed in Logan Cottage and was later transfered to Campbell cottage. I was moved around due to my behavior. I fought a lot. And defied staff every chance I got. I learned a trade there. I learned how to cut hair. I valuable trade that helps me til this day. I have a great deal of memories at this place. I don’t have anything bad to say about sleighton. This place changed my life for the better. I left with my GED and attended Temple University. Now, I’m a husband and father. Been married for 11 years and I have four teenage children. I’m a personal trainer now and I love my life. This place set me on the right track. Probably Saved my life.

    • tsf36 says:

      My Father was a counselor there he worked in both cottages. He was there 23yrs. I am sure he would be happy to know that the school help in some way. I know that was always so important to him

    • niema says:

      hey joe when you was there what was the names of other cottages im trying to remember some of the things there at the school

  6. holly says:

    My husband and i just walked thru Sleighton Farms. Is it haunted? It was a very intersting walk. I love the history.

  7. Madeline says:

    my sister was a student at Sleighton in 1952. I was 9 yrs. old and some family and I visited her at the school. I remember the treelined street, we parked along there during the visit. there’s some pictures i still have of the visit. I’d like to know where to find a list of the students in 1952, to find her name and which cottage she was in. anyone know? thanks and I hope the place gets restored as a truly historical site that it is.

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  9. Mary Sieminski says:

    Steve, I am writing an article on the reform of “delinquent” girls for our local newspaper (Williamsport Sun Gazette). May I use photographs from your wonderful collection? Mary Sieminski

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