Abandoned: 2007
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Sold to Developer who lost money
Haunted: No


Built in the late 1800s, The Pennell House located just outside of Philadelphia Pa was once known as a historical house in the township it resided in. The township actually used a picture of this house in its township logo. It started out as a residence and then in the 90s turned into a music studio. At that time it was renovated by adding AC into the house and new carpets. In 2008, the house sold to a developer who was going to tear it down and built new homes or stores in it place. However those plans fell through and the project was abandoned. The house now just sits there with no love.

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4 thoughts on “Pennell House

  1. Hello Steve. My Fathers family came from SE Pennsylvania sometime in the early 1800’s. Here’s a little Genealogy. My Dad, Charles Pennell was born in Fort Scott Kansas as was his Dad Charles(1901) and grandfather Amos Pennell. (1854). Amos Pennell’s Father, Lewis David Pennell was born in Ohio in 1825. His Father Lewis Pennell (1825( and his grandfather Jonathan (1785) were born in Chester Pennsylvania, now West Chester. Can you tell me more about where the abandoned Pennell house is located?

    Bob Pennell

  2. This house is so cool. i love the basement shots on all your videos. You can see just what it took to build a house back then. I noticed that most places don’t have tack strip around the room; so no carpet. Man we are so different now. We all look like Nomads now. No storage,cabinets,shelves,fruit rooms,root rooms. Thank you for exploring these places before they’re gone. Your still shots are awesome; although the black and whites leave with me melancholy. I’d still hang them on my walls.

    1. SR, I think you scared that poor little kitty out of 3 1/2 of her nine lives and I’m sure those bumps and knocks were only the wind….? Great vid of another beautiful house; when they fall down or get torn down, that will be all that is left. It’s a sad waste. Really appreciate your effort to preserve and be careful.

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