Abandoned: mid 1900s
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Active. Used for weddings and events
Reason: Still Active. No abandoned
Haunted: Yes


Althought not abandoned, this place has some beautiful Victorian Architecture. I just had to add it to my collection. The Mansion originated as a residence, built by Mr. And Mrs. John Hulme, in the late eighteen hundreds. In 1882, Mr. and Mrs. James Smith purchased the Mansion and surrounding grounds and converted it into a park and summer home. After Mrs. Smith’s death in 1893, the property was willed to the Philadelphia Protestant Episcopal City Mission. At this time, it was used as a convalescent home for women. The Westtown Township purchased the Mansion and surrounding grounds some seventy years later. Source: OakborneMansion.org

Another source told me she read in an old newspaper that there was a crime scene in this mansion. The house was used for women with Epilepsy issues. One of the nurses turned crazy and murdered all 12 patients including herself. It was an on going crime scene and got shut down. It was abandoned for many years before west town township picked it up and turned it into a park.


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4 thoughts on “Oakbourne Mansion

  1. Hey steve love the website it brings so many emotions. Nostalgia as well as sadness. At least you’re documenting some of these once great treasures. Happily this house is coming back in a slightly different form. This past summer my fiance and I took a couple tours of the house in hopes to use it for our upcoming wedding reception. We loved the house and ultimately decided it was a little too small for our purpose. The back room through the breezeway was renovated and is used for town council meetings. It doesn’t quite fit with the rest of the house, but that section was a later addition anyway and didn’t have the ornate features like the front of the house to begin with. It was still done well, just looks a bit government, if you know what i mean. The rest of the house is being restored wonderfully. They do hold regular events at the house that help bring awareness and some funding as well. We are a part of the season flea markets as a vendor. Love the website and keep up the good work.

    1. Thank Bryan. It is a great place and they are doing a wonderful job on the restoration. Thank for checking the site out and hope you come back often

  2. I am familiar with this story. I was a janitor at this place for 30 years. A nurse (don’t know her name”) I heard her telling another nurse about something in the chapel area of the house late at night while I was cleanin the big fireplace from the burnt wood. The was whispering soft, but one seemed real mad…but she was goeurous ,she had a real rack.anyway. , I often wondered if it was her. I also found old house blueprints from the house, put them somewhere there but forgot. That place gots lots of secrets. Bob

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