Myers / Wilcox House


Built: 1800s
Abandoned: 2008
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Demolished
Reason: Sold to Developer
Haunted: No

I returned to the Abandoned Meyers / Wilcox house to take a tour inside. The original owners, the Meyers, owned a restaurant called The Lobster Pot.. The lobster pot was a seafood restaurant that resided right down the hill from the house along Rt1. The Lobster Pot has also been demolished. This house sold to the Franklin Mint in the late 90s. The Mint used the house as storage. When the Mint closed, The land was sold to a developer who planned to raze the land for new development. However this developer ran into financial / legal problems and the house was left abandoned. Vandals damaged the place and the day to day exposure to the elements destroyed this beautiful house. Spring of 2013, the house was ordered by the township to be demolished. It is no longer standing sadly but glad I got the chance to photograph it. This was one of my first explores.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.