Blacksmith House

Built: 1745
Abandoned: 2007
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Fixed up in 2014
Reason: Financial Issues
Haunted: No

This historical blacksmith / residence / tannery known as the Arden Forge was first built in 1745. Additions were added on as far up to 1820. This place served as a blacksmith shop which made weapons and arms for the French War, Indian War and the American Revolutionary War. The Battle of the Brandywine (1777) took place in this location where the British destroyed many places. Through the years, many different blacksmiths owned the property. Some of the other trades that occupied this house over the years were a hattery, a harness making shop, a wheelwright shop, and the town hall. This property had a working blacksmith shop until 2007 when the owner retired. This house was vacated and needed work fast. The property was auctioned off in 2008. When I visited in late 2013, the place was in the beginning processes of being rennovated. In early 2014, rennovation was completed and today it is used as office space. Photos of before and after are posted below.

Pictures I took while exploring. Cick on to view larger image.