Devon Hall

Built: This building 1950s
Abandoned: Around 1986
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Privately Owned
Reason: Court Ordered to close
Haunted: Yes Very

Pennhurst State School is known for it once beautiful campus but at the same time, it dark history. The school opened in the early 1900s for children and adults with mental disorders. Parents who wish to not take care of there mentally challenged children could leave them at Pennhurst. Pennhurst was designed to get the children and adults back out into society. However as years went on, the place started turning bad. Everything from patient abuse, medication overdose, dirty conditions, and neglect plagued this place until it was shut down in 1986. It remained abandoned for many years until a private owner bought it. For complete history on Pennhurst and to view the rest of the campus, please check out my Pennhurst Gallery.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.