Campbell Cottage

Built: Early 1900s
Abandoned: 2001
Location: US
Status: Vacant
Reason: School Closed
Haunted: No

This abandoned cottage known as, Campbell Cottage, belongs to an abandoned school that been closed since 2001. The school closed due to financial issues. There is also many other cottages on the 200 plus acre property. The school started in the early 1900s as an all girls school for juvenile delinquents. Children up to 18 years old would live on this property. The school was designed to help these troubled kids. In the 70s, the school turned into a coed school. In it later years, the school has a problem with abuse from students. Pregnancy was the main issue. Even though the girls and the boys were seperated into different cottages, control was obviously an issue. The school closed in 2001 after being for sale with no buyer willing to take on the school. I explored this cottage in 2013. I decided to remake this one to provide a more smoother experience. I hope you all enjoy!

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.