Small Church

Built 1960s
Abandoned: 2001-2002
Location: US
Status: Abandoned but rumor to be saved
Reason: School closed in 2001
Haunted: Maybe

All Pictures were taking Betweek Jan-Feb 2013. Built in the 1960s, this church use to be part of a school which later closed down in 2001. This chapel was called the Ulmer Memorial Chapel and it was built in dedication to George Lathrop Smith, Milton Ulmer, and Lillie Ulmer. It was used for sunday services, school events, and outside school services. I did pictures and video of this location back in Feb 2013 and I decided to redo the video for this old church. I was not a fan of how I did my older video with scary music, i didnt really keep the camera stable, etc. I really like seeing this place so I wanted to redo it. I can't change how I filmed this church, but i can change the stabilization of the video. Also I am editing it a little different.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.