Hurst Theater

Built: 1900s
Abandoned: 1980s
Location: US
Status: Privately owned but Vacant
Reason: Closed
Haunted: Said to be

Today I bring you an abandoned theater. This theater built in the early 1900s was part of an institution. This theater was used for local plays, musicals, movies, and public speakers. Being abandoned for over 30 years, vandals and mother nature have really done a lot of damage to the place. This theater although pretty destroyed still has a lot of stuff intact. The projection booth is still there with the projectors although they are knocked over. Although pretty stripped, the lighting system is still behind the stage. In the basement is school desk and other neat items. What I found really cool was the secret 3rd floor to this building that can only be accessed from the basement. On the third floor was many rooms and offices. Has one long hallway which reminds me of a hospital hallway. Hope you all enjoy it and let me know what you think.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.