Exton Witch House


Abandoned: Unknown
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Unknown
Haunted: Yes


Built in the 1800’s, this house known as the Exton Witch House is located in Exton  Pennsylvania right off pottstown pike. This house got the name, “Witch” House b/c it is said that the family that use to live in this house practised witchcraft. There use to be four graves next to the house which were the Ferrell family, who consisted of a husband named Jessie, a wife named Mary Jane, and two children named Annie and Walter. It is reported in old newspapers that all the family members died in the late 1800’s by suspicious circumstances. Today these graves are missing. It been said that Vandals stole them. There are some old pictures on the internet of the graves. There is a small hut in my pictures that was a well which lead through an underground tunnel to the basement of the house.

Many people have reportted wierd things happening when they were there and so did I. When I was filming the spot where they are said to be buried, my camera face detection kept seeing a face and re-focus. It was very odd


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20 thoughts on “Exton Witch House

  1. Hi Steve,
    If you want someone to go with you as an urban explorer, I’m game. I love doing this too. Was just at an abandoned village in Sanatoga last month. It’s fascinating. I want to find this witches house. I’ve grown up around here and never saw it.

      1. Hi Steve, I have recently visited this house for research on a book I am writing.I would love to compare notes. I have some awesome audio proof.

  2. Hi Steve,

    I first watched your video on this location on YouTube. I had such a strong reaction to it that I decided to come to your website to look at it some more. I have watched several of your videos but I have never felt as strange as I did after watching the one on this house. I actually started to feel sick. Weird I know. Anyway keep up the interesting videos and be safe.


  3. Hey Steve, I’m a recent subscriber of your YT channel. I really enjoy what you do. I watched the Witch House vid today and I became curious and decided to do some investigating. One of the Ferrell family members has a family tree posted on Ancestry. Apparently Jesse and Mary Jane had 5 children: Sarah, born and died in 1875, Walter 1876-1896, Anna 1877-1900, Mary 1879-1979, and James 1882-1941. There’s also a photo of a headstone (more modern than the stones that were once located near the house) that has all of their names on it. Admittedly I was confused by the statement that the graves are missing. Is it that the actual bodies are gone or are those old headstones what is missing? Perhaps the family has reinterred the bodies to a cemetery? Or perhaps the bodies are still on the property but the stones have been removed by the family because of the attention? Whatever the case, it appears that the stories regarding the family ALL dying of suspicious circumstances in the late 1800s are greatly exaggerated. Jesse Ferrell himself lived until 1915 and in an article printed at the time of his death it was reported that he was suffering from poor health, including asthma. James died of a heart attack in 1941 and Mary lived to the blessed age of 100. Anyway, I’m providing a link for you in case you want to take a look for yourself. (Hope the link works.) I thought you might be interested in the additional information I found since you appear to get as much background information as you can on the houses you visit. Keep up the great videos!!!


    1. Great addition… and thanks for the link! I wanted to see if I could locate the family on ancestry also. The Mary you are referring to that lived to 100 must be the daughter? Jesse’s wife, Mary, died at the age of 39. It appears through census info that her sister Sarah Elizabeth Peace moved in with the family and cared for them as “housekeeper”. Since the kids were young at the time, I’m sure that it wasn’t uncommon to have that sort of situation.

      After reading Jesse & Mary’s obituaries and seeing the info on find-a-grave, clearly they weren’t buried at their residence. They describe having the viewings at the home, but both include information for the following day. One by train, and the other said Coatesville, which is where Mary’s family was from. Jesse’s obituary even notes his children who are still alive at the time, a daughter who was married, and a son. And since the last census in the family tree only shows Jessie & his sister-in-law in the home, it’s safe to assume they grew up, moved out and had their own lives. The children who died very young may have been buried at the home, but I would think they are all together at the cemetery.

      Sounds like a very typical family in their time, Jesse was a blacksmith and even attended church. Personally I think the home looks like it was beautiful in it’s earlier days. SOOO sad to see it in disrepair. Stories of it being a witch house, and reading that several locals had never heard of it or knew of its existence make me think that it was made up to create interest. Even the local who k ew of the house had never heard it called the witch house. The most frustrating part is all of the graffiti.. just terrible.

      May this family R.I.P.

  4. Lived in Chester County for many years and love the history. I am currently in Utah and much of the history intriguing and even slightly slanted. Its fun discovering events and circumstances beyond the surface stories! Going to go look at your YT.

  5. Hello Abandoned Steve,
    This is such a beautiful house and being very close to it. I would love to go visit it sometime. Where is it located on Pottstown Pike? If you don’t mind passing that information along.

  6. Hi Steve! I actually just moved away from Exton/West Chester. My husband grew up in Exton and as a teen he and his friends used to sneak into this house to hang out. The rumor they all heard about the house was that a girl was either thrown or jumped from a window and died and that it is haunted. He nor I have ever heard anyone call it the Exton Witch House. It also used to be set back in the woods but with all of the development around it all of the trees have been cleared out to make room for commercial properties. I would love any information you have about the witch story since we have never heard anything like that.

    1. If you do a search on Google, besides my stuff that shows up, it been an urban legend going around about witches living in this house and being buried right next to it. Interesting story. Could it be true? Maybe but who knows!

  7. Hi Steve. I live about 15 minutes from the witch house. I recently went there and took some pictures. In one of the pictures you can clearly see a face. I would be happy to pass it along to you if you’re interested

  8. I can tell you this story seems like a bunch of crap, no one I knew ever called it the witch house. I lived on the other side of the highway(rt 100) from this house in 1972 to 1986 my parents still live there and I visit often. It was behind the Holiday Inn which I believe is now the Wyndham Garden. The people still lived in the house at the time when I first moved there in 1972 and they seemed very nice and I find it hard to believe they practiced witchcraft. They were more like farmers who sold off their land to the corporations nearby like Qyx Exxon where I worked cleaning offices https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-uwuseejvU The young girl that lived there was very nice. After they moved I went inside the houses several times in the 80’s yes it was creepy inside but what old house isn’t?

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