Abandoned: 2001
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: lost money
Haunted: Yes, certain buildings


Going to release the first of the photos and footage I took with my APV Quad (Drone). I posted a sneak peak of some of these photos a month or so ago. Here are the rest of them. This abandoned school was an area I explored many times in 2013. Locals to the area will easily know what the school is. This campus was built in 1903 and closed in 2001. The school was for juvenile deliquents. Started as an all girls school than turned coed in the 70s. Closure was due to money issues and the school failing to find a new owner. The closure was a drop and run type of closure so everything was left behind. This campus is over 200 acres with many cottages (dorms), a church, gym, various school buildings, admin building, and super house. Today it is in jeopardy. Since its closure and lack of security after 2010, the school went through a lot of theft, vandalism, and neglect. Two buildings were burned to the ground as well. Security is back after all of this but it is much too late. I have had at least a dozen past students message me telling me a mix of good and bad things they experience. Some say they had a great experience and the school helped them get back on track in life. Others said the school had issues with students having relations with each other, females getting pregnant, some sexual abuse issues with students, and excessive drug use. Some said the school could not get a handle on the situation. More of the good I heard about the school was from students who attended before the 80s. More of the bad were from students who attended after the 90s. The property has been for sale for a long time until Aahome developer known as the Toll Brothers was interested in it. Their plan was to tear down everything and build 150+ homes. However a resident, Mike S, who attends the township meetings told me recently that the Toll Brothers have backed out of the plan and now the land is still up for sale. A lot of people wish to see the entire campus get turned into a historical landmark but the cost would be extremely high to get this place back in shape. You are talking about clean out of asbestos, building repairs, maintance, a lot of TLC is needed. The hope of this school is not good and unless someone is ready to drop 50 to 100 million dollars into it, time will tell how much longer it last. Thanks for reading and as always, like, comment, please share with your friends. Video to follow! Enjoy.


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  1. Hi Steve , really like your stuff, cool pics and info:) drone footage excellent! We currently explore Brisbane and surrounding areas, but hope to visit places further afield in the future. If you are interested in where we have been, check out darkday on Flickr to see our pics.

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