Abandoned Road of Livingston Lane

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Published On August 31, 2013 » 505 Views» By Abandoned Steve »
Built: Range Late 1800s
Abandoned: May 2011
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Financial Issues
Haunted: No

This lost and forgotten road of Livingston Lane in Pennsylvania is home to 3 houses and several small garage/barns. This road is completely blocked off from fallen trees. Doing a Google search on this road has gotten limited results. only information I could find is the owner of this land filed for Chapter 11 and lost the land. From my guess of the looks of these structures, the house seem to be built in the late 1800′s to very early 1900′s. There is still a sign that says private drive behind the fallen trees so my guess is that this was owned by one person who had several houses on the land. If anyone has any information about this road, please leave me a comment as I would like to know more about it.

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About The Author

Hello, My name is Steve and I am an Urban Explorer. My main urbex is usually abandoned houses but I will also find myself checking out abandoned schools, hospitals, prisons, and other different type of structures. I started doing this crazy hobby of urbex since Feb 2013 and really enjoy exploring locations with deep history. Fell free to leave me a message if you have any questions.

2 Responses to Abandoned Road of Livingston Lane

  1. Doug C says:

    When I lived in Phila, in 1975 following college, I met a group of guys who had a map of abandoned RR lines in the area. They built little flat bed cars powered by small engines and used to ride the tracks around in the country. The cars were light enough that they could be picked up and carried by 3 or 4 guys.
    We also used to explore a huge abandoned estate in the middle of the neighborhoods of Phila. I believe we called it Stokesbury Mansion and/or Strawberry Hill. Large grounds covered with statuary, fountains, gardens and outbuildings. The main building had at least 3 subfloors. Rumor had it that Phila. museums stored valuable art pieces there during WW2 and after that it was a chemical plant of some sort. Was wondering if you’d ever heard of this place.

  2. janice bianco says:

    Love the website and YouTube channel. I grew up in Newtown Township and lived in Media Boro before moving to Ohio. It’s been interesting seeing some of the old places around Delco. Funny thing about Sleighton School/Glen Mills School - when we misbehaved as kids, my mom wouldn’t say we would end up there if we didn’t behave - she was kidding of course.

    Where is Livingston Lane? Looks like an old estate/farm with housing for caretakers etc.

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