Abandoned Pennsylvania Mansion Historical Before and After

The famous dual staircase main foyer you seen me post yesterday. All decorated with elegance. At the top of the stairs was the pipe organ. It hard to see but according to Joe mother Rose Marie, her father bought this organ from a large silent movie theater in Philadelphia. It was installed in the house during construction which cost him 32,000 dollars. It was the third largest in the east at it time and the brass pipe occupied almost the entire attic.

Abandoned: 2005
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned but owned by Developer slated to Demolished
Reason: Foreclosure
Haunted: no


The wait is over. Many of you have wondered what this once beautiful abandoned Pennsylvania Mansion once looked like and here is your chance to take a step back in time. All these photos of the house, Bella Vista, were emailed to me by Joe Hodges and his mother, Rose Marie. Joe is Dr. Dimedio grandson and his mother is Dr. DiMedio daughter of course. I spent a couple days talking to them through email about these pictures and they wanted me to share them with all of you. I would like to really Thank Joe and his Mom Rose Marie for allowing me to share these pictures. This house was for sure a beautiful place to live. The construction of the house was started on 7/12/45 and then finished on 11/19/47. Dr. Joesph DiMedio designed this house. The final cost of construction in 1947 was $50,257.90 us dollars which in today’s money would cost 2.5 Million Dollars. The stone for this house was from Lima Stone Quarry which is now the site of the Granite Run Mall. The house featured many room including a beautiful foyer, living room, bar, dining room and music room. The house was grand and elegant with beautiful large vases and sculptures. Have a look for yourself with the video posted below. If you have not seen my complete tour of this now abandoned mansion, search for Abandoned Pennsylvania Mansion. Enjoy.


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16 thoughts on “Abandoned Pennsylvania Mansion Historical Before and After

  1. This video of the Abandoned Pennsylvania Mansion is so beautiful yet haunting. It pains me to see a place that clearly gave so much happiness to so many people lie in ruins awaiting the wrecking ball of a developer. You did an amazing job with the ‘before and after’ footage. Since you do have contact with the previous owner’s grandson, do you know the reason why it was just left abandoned? Was it ever sold on to other people? I’d love to hear the background story as to why this mansion ended up the way it did. Thanks, and again: brilliant job! ~Anne. x

  2. I grew up near this estate in the 60s and 70s, rode horses and my bicycle around this area, and used to fantasize about this place - who lived there, who had built it, etc. Wondering why it was never kept up…and why it was abandoned. Great job on the photography and before/after comparisons. Thank you.

  3. Steve,
    I got a glimpse of a wind chest in your video, knew immediately what it was (I used to build/install and maintain pipe organs), and had to investigate further. Do you have any info on where the theater organ came from? It appears that the console is a Wurlitzer (but with the condition of the photo, it was hard to tell — it could be a Robert Morton). I’d like to know if you have any more info on the organ, as I’m a historic organ buff. Thanks!

  4. I’m with Anne… I would love to know when and why Dr. DiMedio left the home that he put so much love, time, and money into, and then why it was left this way. And the same for its later owners. It seems like a very short life for such a beautiful home.

  5. Grew up going to this house in the 80 s. Family friends that lived there for some years. Not the first owners. Remember it feeling like a fairytale house when I Was young. Never got to go back as an adult. But that house will be missed.

  6. I really can’t understand why someone would let such a beatiful place fall into disrepair. It’s really such a shame.

  7. Grew up less than a mile from this house. Remember a school teacher who either bought or rented the mansion in the mid 70s - Kitty Forward was her name. My mother’s friend rented what was the great grandmother’s house out back. We used to go visit Ms Forward and she would let us roam around the house. I remember going upstairs past the glorious pipe organ and seeing all of the bedrooms. Each bedroom had it’s own bathroom - amazing to a 12 year-old!! I still live in the area and am sad to report that yes, indeed, another un-needed development will soon be gracing the hillside there - sigh!!

    1. Home was located in Garnet Valley, PA (bottom right corner of PA near the Delaware state border) in Bethel Twp. Was demolished recently so they could build unnecessary, over-priced McMansions.

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