Abandoned Livingston Colonial House


Abandoned: 2000s
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Sold to Developer who can’t demolish
Haunted: Yes, I believe so


Built in the late 1700s, this was Mr Livingston’s main home. This now 5,000 Square foot home started out smaller and then was expanded as the years went on. This property also had a smaller home which was considered the slaves quarters.The 500+ acre property Livingston owned was a striving agricultural location for the area. Mr Livingston was a famous and popular man for the area in it times featured in many papers and was president of many clubs. You probably remember the Farmhouse I just posted a few months ago, it resides on this property. In the late 1900s, the property sold to a school right near by. While the school owned it, they rented out the properties to other families. In 1984, this entire property was listed as an historical site due to it long history and was put on the national historical registry. In the year 2000, the school decided to put the property up for sale due it bankrupt issues. People renting the homes had to leave b/c of this. Today the houses remained boarded up, and in terrible shape. A developer owns the land but can not do anything to these homes b/c they were put on the historical registry. When I toured this home, I just had that wierd feeling like I was being watched. The floors were in bad shape and I had to wear my respirator mask at it had a terrible smell of mold. I wasnt able to tour this entire house b/c of structural issues with the 3rd floor. Hope you enjoy and video to follow. As always, like, comment, share.


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4 thoughts on “Abandoned Livingston Colonial House

  1. Hi Steve, I wonder if you are elligeable for some sort of govt grant , in view of the contribution you are making in the interests of preserving photographically these achingly beautiful old houses, drawing attention to them before they sink into decay & disapear forever.

    1. Steve you do a wonderful job and I am a fan of yours.

      I agree with Barbara. There must be some sort of fund. I am totally captivated by your posts.

      And I am certain your posts have historical value. I see these beautiful buildings in decay and I do feel “something”. Well, I am fascinated.

      With each video, we see that at one time someone wanted to create a magnificent home or building or institution …. what went wrong? What happened? Why have these creations been abandoned?

      It would also be wonderful to have even more knowledge of the places so if you had a grant or serioius funds (not just web site contributions), perhaps you could explain even more about the buildings, the families that lived there, the people who ran the institutions, why the buildings were abandoned (also all the “junk” you see, the structures, their significance). You do a great, fantastic job, but if you had even one person to help do research you could do this in even greater detail perhaps …

      Library of Congress? TV Show?

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