Welcome to part two of my abandoned ghost town series. This will be a really cool series and one of my favorites I have done. If you have not seen Part one, please watch that first before watching this. This town / village was built in the very early 1900s. The town was built by a limestone quarry that was right next to it (no longer there). The workers of the quarry complained it was difficult to get to work when it snowed and rained. The quarry agreed to built a small village for its workers and their families as long as they didn’t agree to unionize. The village was then built and consisted of duplexes / single homes. When the great depression hit the United States, the limestone quarry went bankrupt. They ended up selling the village to a new owner. The village went through a few more owners through its years. Families continued to live in these houses even though it kept going through new owners over the years. These houses were rental properties. The owner of the entire village owned all the land and properties. In the 80s when the village went up for sale again, they tried to rezone the property so the houses could be individually owned. This however could not happen due to the yards being to small for each unit to have its own well and septic system. The entire village shared the same water supply and used the same septic system. The last owner of the village went bankrupt in the late 2000s. The village was up for sale again but had a hard time selling due to the housing crisis. All the families who lived in the houses were forced to leave. Some took everything with them, others just left behind what they didn’t want. The entire village, while for sale, started to be vandalized. Many of the homes were broken into, windows smashed, etc. The entire village in it vacant state was a known area for parties and drugs. In 2014, a former teacher ended up buying the entire property for 220,000 US dollars. His purpose is to try and rehab the village making it a place for people to learn crafts and other trades. The owner now lives on the property with his family. He has numerous horses and dogs that roam the property. I was given permission to tour this awesome village and was very happy to be given that opportunity. Part three comes out next week, Oct 27th.

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