Built: 1908
Abandoned: 2001
Location: US
Status: Privately owned but Vacant
Reason: Financial Issues
Haunted: Said to be

This is my second aerial quad (drone) footage of this abandoned delinquent school. This 200 acre campus comprises of many cottages, school buildings, and a chapel. With construction starting in the early 1900s, this charter school opened its doors in 1908. It started as an all girls school before becoming CO-ED in the 1970s. Although not everyone was a delinquent, a large population of the students who attended this school were ordered to go here. The school was known to help these students, 18 years old and younger, do better in society. In the late 90s, the school was going through financial trouble. In 2001, the school closed it doors for good. When it closed, everything was left inside the buildings. Through the years after its closure, plans were made to keep the campus alive but nothing happened. The stone buildings on the campus were also eligible to be listed as an Historical Site but no movement was done to complete that paperwork. After 2010, the place was not being maintained. Security was no longer roaming around which left the buildings open for vandals. By 2014, the campus experienced two fires, destroying half of one buildings and completely destroying one of the cottages. The buildings have been tagged, have their windows broken, left over stuff thrown all over the place. The entire campus has turned into a war zone. The property was suppose to be torn down by the famous Toll Brothers to make way for new homes but that plan fell through. Today, the property remains vacant. The current owner is trying to re-zone the land. Security is back in full force on this property as you can see a jeep in this video, but sadly, it is too late.. Information retained from my knowledge of speaking with credible sources.
Video Footage donated by John Lynn. Thanks to Michael Schneider for sending me the footage.
Photos are provided to me by Chuck Van Horn.

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