Abandoned “Bella Vista” Mansion


Abandoned: 2005
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Financial Issues
Haunted: No


Built in 1947 by Dr. Dimedio, this mansion, called the “Bella Vista” sitting on 12 acres lies abandoned and on the list to be torn down. According to Delco public records, the house totals 15,000 sq feet with 7 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. Dr. Dimedio was a famous surgeon who founded the old Mercy Hospital. He was the general contractor for this mansion. However the house was not built very well. Rumors all were talked about from this place. Rev Fred Drummond lived in this house 30 years ago.  He supposedly ran a cult at the church near the property and in the house according to documents. His leaders have also been recently involved in a child molestation case at the church that been going on for years and still is going on. A google search of his name will bring up tons of newspaper articles about what he use to do in that cult. Today the house sits abandoned since 2005. A developer currently owns it and plans to demolished it in the near future. The house would cost millions to fix. They have no choice but to tear it down. Info retained from Delco Public Records and Philly.com


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19 thoughts on “Abandoned “Bella Vista” Mansion

  1. I just enjoyed your exploration into the beautiful PA mansion! Thank you for entering little statistical facts about its history. I hate watching a video and there is no background information about the structure. I found it incredibly interesting that you mentioned the roof was too heavy for the structure!
    I so enjoyed being your shadow on your journey. That mansion looked like it had the love and care in it from its original owners. The wood was beautiful. It’s a shame it decayed that long that it cannot be repaired and has to be rebuilt.
    Enjoyed your comments while you’re holding the camera, too. So many people who think they are true ‘Urban Explorers’ say such asinine things I usually mute the video. I’m looking forward to viewing more of your adventures on YouTube. I think you’ve become my favorite UE so far! :-) Good luck, stay safe, and don’t worry: I’m “liking” everything I’m watching!
    Keep in touch & thanks for sticking your neck out to give your viewers a piece of mystery and history!!
    ~Anne. x

  2. Hi Steve, so glad to see you visited Bella Vista in your explorations! I grew up and still live very close to Bella Vista. When I

  3. So sad to see the house in such disrepair. I actually was there in 2005 delivering for FedEx, and the house was starting to deteriorate. It used to be stunning, and I remember the drive and house being surrounded by azaleas in it’s prime, in bloom it was gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more of your pics!

  4. where is this house I know a few way where i maybe able to Save the house if u could let me know like i said i would love to save the house

  5. My friend and I decided after watching your video, that this was one place we had to explore, and words cannot describe how beautiful this building was, I thought your video was amazing but being there in person is a whole different experience, she wanted to venture upstairs but I noticed most of the floor was unstable, I wish we could have explored more of this beautiful place, but I want to give a big thanks to you for sparking our curiosity! Most kids our age (18) are too busy going to parties to enjoy amazing things like this! So again, thank you! And be safe in your travels, you never know what could be in these places, good luck on your next adventures!

  6. I want to tell you guys that the Bella Vista has officially been demolished. I’ve been there several times and I wished to go several more. This was a beautiful place and at least we can still enjoy pictures of its wonders. Thank you so much for introducing me to the beauties of urbex exploring and stay safe!

  7. Wow so sad.
    Btw does anyone know the history of the big white house that was on Baltimore Pike that they just demolished? I loved that house, but bought a different one due to the location on the highway. It was across the highway from Chop Chadds Ford. The address was 1212 Baltimore Pike Chadds Ford. Thanks!

  8. I lived across the road from this mansion for about 4 years and use to go splash in the front pond with the big water fountain with Dr. Dimedio’s daughters. We use to run up and down the inside staircase. I visited the mansion about 2 years ago while I was visiting my cousin and could not believe my eyes. Not the house I remember. So sorry it had to be destroyed…..

  9. You are doing what I always have wanted to do, but never had the time or money. I live in Southern Virginia and we have a few properties abandoned, but none as beautiful as these. Thanks for sharing….

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