Abandoned 1792 House


Abandoned: Around 1980s
Location: US
Status: Privately Owned
Reason: Not sure
Haunted: Could be


Built in 1792, this house although in terrible shape, is surprisingly still standing. This place has been abandoned for over 40 years. Reason I say that is b/c my mother and uncle did the same thing I am doing right now 40 years ago. They both checked out this house and it was abandoned at that time. Now on the inside, well it sure has seen it 40 years of abandonment. Almost every floor has collapsed and all that is left standing is the staircase. I did not go inside this one due to safety concerns. I did not have many photos of this one as it was very hard to get these pictures. I did not have my tripod and i had to hike the ISO to 3200 to just get them to the right exposure. Overall I am not happy with how the inside pictures turned out but it gives you something to look at. The video will give you a better 360 look of this house.


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3 thoughts on “Abandoned 1792 House

  1. Hello Steve,
    Something about a fellow Abandoneer, I am female from Ontario, Canada.
    I have been going into abandoned homes / buildings since I was allowed to go off by myself. (and seeing as where I am from, Richmond Hill, (nee:Lake Wilcox) there was an abundance of abandoned cottages/homes/farms well within my reach, and used as hang - out spots when we were young.
    This passion has followed me into adulthood.

    I have only been actually documenting these visits for maybe the last 15 years .. I have a small portion on OntarioAbandonedPlaces.com under my galleries “Gabrillathehun”.
    That was the first time I put some of what I had documented, on line.

    I like your work very much, even better that your parents did this also.
    I have a hard time with your videos (not just yours) as for some reason because the videographer is moving around so much, I find I have to turn them off as I honestly get motion sickness from watching them! I try to watch as long as possible because my curiosity sometimes rules the queezy stomach! (not that I am scared … I really do get motion sickness!)

    I hope to view everything you have on your site as we are running out of abandoned places to go through and document because northern Toronto/Markham area is growing at an incredible rate.
    Plus the fact of being sooo busy these days, there doesn’t seem to be those few extra hours in the day to go out hunting.
    Farms, homes, and old buildings are no longer left to be captured by camera, they are being torn down rather quickly.
    It is always good to see a fellow Abandoneer, with such a passion. I am glad to find you and your work.
    Looking forward to more, more, more!
    Thank you.
    A fan and fellow photographer,

    (Aka Gabrillathehun)

    1. i appreciate the comment and honestly. It a problem many have and sometimes it can be your computer causing the choppy turns.. It something I try to do on my videos and be slow when moving around

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