Exton House (NEW!)

Built: 1800s
Location: Southeast Pennsylvania
Status: Being Rennovated
Haunted: Not sure

Built in the 1800s with additions added on later in time, this beautiful colonial home is getting another life. It sat vacant for many years off a busy road. The house is also listed on the historical registry. A lot of historical houses reside on this road including the WW Inn that is also in this section on my website. Last year, I noticed construction equipment showing up on the property. I was concerned that it was going to be demolished but after doing some research, the home will be saved. They are building new townhomes all around the property. This home will be considered the clubhouse for the community. Although I wish the surrounding land wasn't becoming more overpriced townhomes, I am at least glad that this beauty will not be demolished.

Photos I took. Click on them to view larger image.