Shay Plow Trains

Built 1818
Abandoned: Various Years
Location: US
Status: Not sure
Reason: End of Life
Haunted: No

Get ready for a good bit of abandoned train pictures and footage b/c i got quite a bit. I visited Steamtown which houses over 60 acres of these locomotives. Over 2 dozen in terrible shape and some fully restored or in decent condition. I am showing you today is an old Shay Locomotive, an old wooden snow plow, and bonus footage of an ok condition Union Pacific Big Boy Locomotive. Steam locomotives are no longer used today in the United States except for special excursions and tourist railroads. They are however used in Europe and other countries still as it main source of transportation. The Meadow River Lumber Company Shay Locomotive was built in 1910 and was used primary for lumber and mining. A Shay Locomotive was famous as it was a "Gear" Driven Steam locomotive. The snow plow was obviously used to clear the tracks of snow. I am unsure on the year of this one but as you can see, the snow plow body was made out of wood which is something you never see used today. The last is the famous Big Boy locomotive. The largest steam engine ever made. With a 4-8-8-4 wheel setup, this "Big Boy" had enough power to haul any amount of freight. Union Pacific owned a good bit of them. Today Union Pacific is currently restoring one to ride the rails again. Video of these 3 amazing machines to follow. There is a lot more of locomotives I have to show so stay tuned. Enjoy. Some information about Shay Locos from Wikipedia

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.