1961 Rambler

Built: 1961-1962
Abandoned: 1970s
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Said to be from the flood or stolen and left
Haunted: I hope not

Something a little different then the usual abandoned houses. It has been said that this car has been sitting along the Chester Creek Branch (abandoned for 40 years) since the 70s. This old Pennsylvania Railroad line that runs next to this car stopped operation in 1972 due to Hurricane Agnes which flooded out the entire operation. The Chester Creek that runs along this railroad rose 30 feet wiping out this railroad, town, cars, farms, and also caused a few deaths. It is said that this car floated down the river from the flood and ended up in this location. It was never moved b/c the railroad, which in the 70s was operated by Penn Central, stopped operation due to costly repairs to the entire line. Another rumor was the car was stolen and then left there. Video of the car to follow. I will also be putting out a video of my walk of the old Pennsylvania Railroad Line in the next week. Stay Tuned.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.