Doctor House

Built: Early 1900s
Abandoned: Late 1990s
Location: US
Status: Demolished 2017
Reason: Institution Closed
Haunted: Maybe

Built in the early 1900s, this house resides on the same property of the Abandoned City House I posted a month ago. This house belongs to an institution down the road that is also closed. It was said that one of the top doctors lived in this house at that time. When I toured the house, it was in terrible shape inside. Looks ok outside but not inside. In my opinion, the house is just about in that stage of being completely unsafe. The flooring on the second floor was very soft. Because of this, I did not spend a lot of time in this place. I also didn't grab a lot of pictures due to safety concerns. Sadly this house was just demolished by the State of PA early 2017.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.