Crier in the Country

Built: 1740
Abandoned: 2007
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Demolished
Reason: Closed Down
Haunted: Yes

Built in the mid 1700s as a house, this historical colonial provided years of life for families. In the 1800s, the house was redesigned and added on to. In the mid 1900s, the house was converted to a retirement home. IN the late 60s, it became a restaurant known as Deveraux's Fox Crest Inn. Then in the 80s, ownership was passed on and it was called Crier in the Country. Operating as a Banquet Hall, Restaurant, and Inn, Crier in the Country was a famous stop for local residents. One thing that made this place interesting was that it was very haunted. Workers reported many sightings, noises, and spirits in the building, especially on the third floor. It is said that these spirits are from two people who lived in the house in the late 1800s. During my visit, I just had that wierd vibe exploring this house. The feeling someone was watching me. Although I did not see anything or hear anything odd, it was still odd to walk through. The Restaurant closed its doors in 2007. From that time, the place sat vacant and decay set in. The building was badly vandalized. IN 2014, the township approved plans to put a Life care facility on the property. In 2017, demolition began and the entire place was torn down. Today, it is currently a plot of land waiting for development to start on the new Senior living home...

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.