1818 House

Built 1818
Abandoned: Around 2011
Location: US
Status: Not sure
Reason: Pre-Foreclosure Possibly
Haunted: Could be

Built in 1818 according to the stone on the house, this old beautiful colonial now sits alone and is going through its phases decay. Additions were added onto the house in the mid 1900s which increased the size of the house. The house now is over 5600 SQ Feet with 6 bedrooms and 2.5 baths. A very wealthy person lived in this house a long time ago. The house has a butlers kitchen and staircase going to this kitchen. This house sits on 8 acres of land currently. It use to be a farm. The barn is still there but only the stone walls remain. The house was sold to a developer and has been vacant since 2011. The developer tried to get the land divided but the township has issues with that request. The developer has failed to pay the mortgage so the place was offered up for sheriff sale in 2013 but was shut down and never made it to the auction. The current status of this home is unknown. The house remains vacant but a tarp was recently put on the roof in the last month or so. Hopefully that means someone is trying to save it.

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.