[toggle title=”QUICK STATS. CLICK TO VIEW QUICK STATS ON THIS LOCATION”]Built: Range 1800s to 1900s
Abandoned: 2004-2008
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: All Demolished Except 4 out of the 12
Reason: Bought Out and was suppose to be torn down
Haunted: Some are said to be.


These Houses use to reside near the now closed Franklin Mint. The Franklin Mint is known for it collection of die-cast cars, dolls, coin and rare hard to find items. They also manufactured a lot of die-cast cars and coins. It was founded in 1964 but has gone through a few different owners through time. In 2004, the mint closed this location and then went up for sale. It is said that a developer then bought the entire property and also bought out the half dozen houses in the woods that resided on the property. They were going to tear down everything and build stores and developments as it over 500+ acres. But this company ran out of funds and instead left everything the way it was. The houses left abandoned started to fall apart with nature starting to consume them. One house was burned down in 2010 by vandals. These houses are dated late 1800’s to early 1900’s. It ashamed that these beautiful houses had to be left this way. I tried to capture their cry for help look.


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  1. I was wondering if you ever looked into Bella Vista in Bethel township on Foulk rd. pa 261

    1. That funny, i just posted it today. Check it out. I was there a few weeks ago. Awesome place!

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