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Showcasing Abandoned Houses, Schools, Hospitals, Prisons, as well as my personal photography...

Whats New (Updated 10-7-18)

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1800s Exton House (10-7-18)


Added some photos of the 1800s Exton House to my personal Gallery under historical places. This house is being saved after being vacant for many years. Click the link to see more...
See The Exton House Here

Abandoned Tree Farm House (9-4-18)


Added some updated photos of the Abandoned Tree Farm House. I visited it again this past winter to get some updated shots. Click the link to read more..
See The Tree Farm House Here

Vacant Glen Mansion (8-31-18)


Added this beuatiful Italian Villa Style mansion to my list. I failed to gain access with permission so not much was captured. It is an historical house so its was worth putting it on my website. Click the link to read more..
See The Glen Mansion Here

Abandoned Tiny House (8-28-18)


Added this really small 1700s built cottage. Not much information out there on the internet or public record on this one. Go check it out by clicking the link below...
See The Tiny House Here

Crier in the Country (4-28-18)


Add this really cool 1740 built Resturant / Inn to the site. Massive house that is haunted as well. Closed in 2007 and was just recently demolished. Go check it out by clicking the link below...
See Crier in the Country Here

Servant House (4-26-18)


Add a unique looking servant house built in the early 1800s to the Gallery. No inside photos of the house but something you do not see every day. Go check it out by clicking the link below...
See Servant House Here

WW Inn / Tavern (12-10-17)


Add this really cool 1700s Inn / Tavern to the site. It was vacant for a long time but someone picked it up and is restoring it. I was able to get permission to photography the restoration. Go check it out by clicking the link below...
See WW INN House Here

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