Ashbridge Mansion

Built: 1843
Abandoned: 1990s
Location: South East Pennsylvania
Status: Still Abandoned
Reason: Owner Died
Haunted: No

This abandoned house is called the Richard Ashbridge Mansion. It was an old farm house built in 1843. The grandfather of of Richard, Thomas Ashbridge was the first European settler to find the land know as Exton today in the early 1700s. The Lenni-Lenape Indians were occupying the land at that time. The first cottage every built on the land was in 1707 and still stands today but is wrapped up. I was not able to gain entry into the mansion due to everything be closed up pretty good but this house deserved a tour due to it rich and deep history. The house was converted into apartments in the 80s before the land was sold to a developer. This land is now part of "Main Street in Exton".

Photos I took while exploring. Click on them to view larger image.