Scranton Lace Company

Built: 1891
Abandoned: After 2002
Location: Pennsylvania
Status: Clean Up Started for Condos
Reason: Financial Issues
Haunted: Not Sure

Built in 1891, this 500,000 sq foot warehouse / factory was one of Scranton best places to work. With over 1400 employees, it featured it own barber shop, bowling alley, gym, theater, and lounges for its employees. Scranton Lace manufactured napkin, table cloths, curtains, bed sheets, parachutes, valances, and other patterned fabric. Although only one Nottingham Loom remains, this building had a lot of these that would produce the product for their clients. It was an advanced piece of machinery in it time. Without computers, the machine would read a punch card that had the pattern layout on it. It would learn this pattern from the card and then produce it onto the fabric. Pretty cool for it time. Scranton Lace was one of the largest employment facities in the area. However in the later years, the company went through some financial issues. In 2002, the vice president of the company told all it employees at mid shift that they were closing immediately and to pack up and go home. Today it is privately owned and the building is currently going through clean up to prepare it for condos. Video to follow Some info taken from Wikipedia and



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